Advent of Code is coming

Nov 30, 2016

This year’s Advent of Code starts in a few hours. I had a really good time participating in it last year. Having a programming puzzle to solve every day as count down to the holidays was surprisingly fun. I had a self imposed challenge of doing at least one commit every day which I then continued to pretty long commit streak right before GitHub removed the counter.

Last year I was using python to solve the puzzles, you can check out my solutions on GitHub. This year I think I am going with my new love, Rust.

My only complaint about Advent of Code is that the leaderboards are based on the time you submit your answer, but since the puzzles go live early in the timezone I live in I sleep while the leaderboard gets filled.

In addition to the programming puzzles, I also recommend the vibrant subreddit it had a great community last year.

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